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Discover Australia's top choice for pickleball at FCX.

FCX School Holiday Vacation Programs

Welcome to FCX School Holiday Vacation Programs, where pickleball meets fun and fitness for kids!

Pickleball, a dynamic blend of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, is easy to learn and provides endless enjoyment.

Our programs are designed to engage children at all skill levels, ensuring they have a blast while learning and improving their game.

Skill Development:

Our sessions focus on essential pickleball skills such as serving, receiving, dinking, volleying, positioning, and scoring.

Physical Fitness:

Kids will enhance their hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, and cardiovascular health.

Social Interaction:

Children will thrive in a team environment, making new friends and developing social skills.

Mental Wellness:

Our engaging activities promote mood improvement and mental well-being, all while having fun!

Why Choose FCX?

  • Expert Coaching: All sessions are led by our team of highly trained coaches and instructors dedicated to each player's development and enjoyment.
  • All-Inclusive: We provide all necessary equipment (paddles, balls, nets, etc.), so there's no need to worry about organizing anything.
  • Convenient Locations: We offer mobile sessions at your preferred venue and at various locations across Greater Sydney to suit your needs.